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A native of Richmond Virginia, Cheech Forreign pronounced (for-rain) combines her talent of witty word play with a sultry delivery in her music. Finding comfort in the sounds of southern rap, live bands, and EDM, Cheech began her career performing with a soul funk band. She would later go on to collaborate with notable jacksonville producer P the average Jo as well as earn recording credits with many in the Jacksonville music scene. As an expressionist, Cheech Forreign strikes a unique balance in her pursuit to use her platform to promote positive self esteem in women while bringing a fresh approach to her abstract musicality.

EP Preview: I Am America

  1. Life is War Antonio Neal Buy 2:44
  2. How Many More Antonio Neal Buy 1:03
  3. Take it Easy Antonio Neal Buy 0:48
  4. Take it Easy - Reprise Antonio Neal Buy 0:21
  5. I Am America Antonio Neal Buy 0:44
  6. Rise Antonio Neal Buy 3:09
  7. A Praying Mama Antonio Neal Buy 3:55
  8. Other Side Antonio Neal Buy 0:44


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