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Lisa McClendon

A small town girl with a BIG DREAM that actually came true. While the other kids were outside playing, Lisa would bury herself within the soft sheets of her parents bed while indulging in classic black and white movies that introduced her to jazz and big band music.
Mesmerized by the details of the music and the fashion, she had big dreams to become a fashion designer to the stars and a singer.
Years of rehearsing songs like Ella Fitzgerald’s rendition of “Angel Eyes” in her hair brush would pay off in years to come as Lisa begin taking her childhood fantasy to sing to the big stage across the world and putting fashion on hold.

A preacher’s daughter, she was groomed for gospel while having a secret affair with jazz and big band music. With the support of her mom, Lisa continued throughout the years to embrace both the gospel world and the jazz world, infusing a sound all her own.
Lisa has toured the US and has also headlined several tours of her own within the US and abroad.

With 6 releases under her belt, this Dove and Stellar award nominee shows no signs of quitting. On the contrary, Lisa continues to expand her brand and her fan base within the jazz, soul and gospel community with a transparent and rich sound that resonates the heart.

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  1. Ms. Tina Lisa McClendon Download Full Song 1:00
  2. Pause (Selah) Lisa McClendon 3:51
  3. Breathe Lisa McClendon 5:06
  4. Manifest (The Foundation) Lisa McClendon 5:37


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