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Love Unparalleled

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Truthful Justice

Husband. Wife. Father. Mother. Family is everything this duo is about; God, the nucleus of everything that they do. Jacksonville, Florida natives Jason and Tori Peoples, have long awaited the day of opportunity to express the heartbeat of their creativity through music.

The two are driven to interpret this artistry with the highest form of integrity. Truthful Justice strives to produce life inspiring; thought provoking music. Fusing their love for Jazz, soul, funk, world and folk music, the duo create a sound that has been described by numerous industry professionals as revolutionary.

Truthful Justice excises the slow simmer approach when creating records; studying and choosing each lyric and musical arrangement with extreme respect and caution. Their new debut music video “Love Chimes” is a celebration of the theme they call Love Unparalleled, which is also the title of their forthcoming worldwide new release EP. (Available March 31st)

The two have shared the performance stage with Motown Record’s Royce Lovett, national recording artist Leon Timbo and Lisa McClendon, The Truth, and various other highly respected talents. Truthful Justice now seeks to utilize those same platforms to reintroduce truth; love, to a dying world.


Listen: Love Unparalleled

  1. Love Chimes Truthful Justice Buy 3:05
  2. Hold On - Preview Truthful Justice Buy :50
  3. Orbits - Preview Truthful Justice Buy 1:18
  4. Higher - Preview Truthful Justice Buy :45
  5. Heart Smile - Preview Truthful Justice Buy :47


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