A conversation with Mo Henderson, Co-founder or Studio Caffé

It’s probably every father’s dream to have the day come when your kid comes to you and says, “dad you’re a pretty interesting person. Can we talk about your life?” Well, being that all of my kids are media/entertainment savvy in their own right, the conversation with my son Josh took a turn and he asked “Dad, do u mind if I interview you on camera?”

After laughing for about 5 minutes about it (because anyone who knows me knows that I run from cameras; childhood phobia I guess. LOL) I agreed, and was actually flattered to an extent. My son who just got his first “real” job with a great media publication company wants to interview me? Hmmmm, well ok.

So this is what came out from it. Check the video out and let me know your thoughts. #ProudDad – Mo Henderson