Legacy in today’s music, does it matter?

A conversation with Teron Carter (Bonafide of GRITS)

Legacy in today’s music industry is something that seems to not matter much at all especially in HipHop, so to be apart of a project that touches on it is very satisfying and worth invested time. Although it may not be the next club banger or radio trend there’s a lot to be said about a young artist like Daveon to have the courage to do a record like this.

I’m sure we all have heard the saying “In order to know where you’re going you have to know where you’ve been”, or something like that. Respect and appreciation are the hardest things to gain as an artist but when those are life principles that are lived by it magnetizes the same in return no matter what it is you’re doing. Any artist who has an appreciation for those who have gone before them and paved the way to open the minds and ears to the world they are trying to reach has nothing less than a successful future ahead of them in my opinion. Eric B and Rakim, LL Cool J, Run DMC, MC Shy D, DJ Magic Mike, and DJ Red Alert these were the guys who paved the way for me and before them Afrika Bambata and Zulu Nation, Grand Master Flash, Schoolly D, Furious Five, and Treacherous Three paved the way for them. Much Love and respect to all those who came before us (GRITS) but mad love goes to Don Daveon for keeping us in the minds and ears of those to come.

  1. Generations Studio Caffé feat. Teron Carter x Don Daveon


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