Being in the Right Place at the Right Time


Today I had the honor to watch another sunset here in Shelby Forest which rests just outside of Memphis,Tn. What a beautiful place to relax the mind and soul. As I was sitting there watching the sun slowly make its exit for the day I couldn’t help but be very thankful. About 15 minutes earlier I decided to drive down to the park to enjoy this beautiful day from our home in Frayser. I realize that this decision, which was so easy for me to make wasn’t always so simple for everyone.

I didn’t have any fear of being in the wrong place at the wrong time or being escorted away or barred from entering the park because of the beautiful color of my skin. I didn’t even give it a thought because this is was my inherited right and privilege as an America citizen.

With this in mind, I became a little emotional as I sat there in the grass at the waters edge as the sun took cover behind the trees. I needed this simple moment to take it easy and breathe a while. Not only am I indebted to the Heavenly Father for the spectacular colors and various reflections of light that I see. I am also thankful for those that came in His strength to make this possible.

I am reminded that generations of humanity have done countless wrongs in the name of the One who made all of this variety, all of this undeniable diversity of creation and creativity. My question is how could that creative power direct and arm the heart of man to harm the very souls that he placed his very essence in? Maybe we’ll never know the end of it, however at this moment I’m so grateful for the people who didn’t get to see this once in a lifetime work of heaven with me.

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America-your land and my land, is a beautiful place. She is one of a kind. I’m glad that I can call her home and I hope my life shines the light on a better day for those who come after me also. #IAmAmerica